The revitalization of traditional practices and the contribution to cultural transmission were the objectives of the workshops.

Enthusiastic families attentive to the teachings of Don "Pije".

The Atacama Community of Toconao in its interest to generate a process of revitalization of the traditional practices of our people and to contribute with spaces of cultural transmission between the people who handle these trades and the new generations, organized workshops of Crafts in Volcanic Stone, in charge of our dear Don Alejandro "Pije" González; "Living Human Treasure", recognized for representing the traditional knowledge of Toconao: the craftsmanship in volcanic stone and liparita and for being a singer of "coplas", "cuecas" and carnival songs.
The workshops, held on July 19 and 20, were focused on our children and young people, who were enthusiastic throughout the day, attentive and happy to receive the teacher's teachings, managing to develop different handicraft designs by the end of the workshop.
Don Alejandro was very excited about the activity: "I am very happy that the Community has organized this workshop and I hope that the children can learn this craft". Likewise, little Dafne Colque, 8 years old, added: "...this is very nice, because we make our own handicrafts".

Day 1
Day 2