On Saturday, August 3, the first "Discussion on the process of Indigenous Consultation of Law No. 19. 253", which was attended by our Board of Directors; the Council of Atacameño Peoples; representatives of the communities that make up the ADI Atacama la Grande; the indigenous Aymara and Quechua communities of the ADI Alto Loa; Congressmen Esteban Velásquez (Regionalist Party) and Catalina Pérez (Democratic Revolution); Regional Councilor Sandra Pastén and the Atacameño National Councilor, Wilson Reyes.

At the meeting, the parliamentarians proposed bringing commissions from the Chamber of Deputies to meet in the area and the creation of a High Andean parliamentary caucus. Meanwhile, as a general agreement, the participants will seek to form a movement or grouping of all the native peoples of the northern macro-zone. Finally, the conclusion of the discussion was the transversal rejection of the indigenous consultation process until constitutional recognition of the native peoples and territorial recovery are put on the table.